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NLC Suggests New Way to Tackle Insurgency

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Friday in Calabar called on the Federal Government to set up a Special Intelligence Unit for combating terrorism in the country. The President of the Congress, Mr Abdulwaheed Omar, was reacting to the killing of some students of the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, Gujba Local Government Area, Yobe, by suspected gunmen.

“I think we need to train people specially in the area of intelligence and in the area of combating this kind of terrorism. Let them be seriously trained and let them be sent to nooks and crannies where they can be able to tap information so that we stop this callous killing of innocent citizens.”

Omar was in Calabar for the 4th Quadrennial Delegates Conference of National Union of Printing, Publishing and Paper Products Workers as well as a meeting of the NLC. He also called for a new approach to combating insurgency in the country.

“It is now getting out of hand, it is turning out to be something else, and we call on Government to have a rethink over what they do. We cannot afford to continue to do one thing every time and we are not getting the right results. We have to change pattern. There is nothing wrong in Nigerian government coming up with special task force with a special squad to ensure that this thing is gotten to the root and it is unbundled, and be brought to an end.’’

Omar said it was sad that the insurgents could go to the level of killing innocent students, describing the action as “callous and unreasonable.

“To go to the level of very innocent students who don’t even know what is happening, just massacre them, set their building on fire and so on. I think this is a very serious issue and it is unacceptable to Nigerian workers.’’

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